Child Contact Agreement Example

When it comes to co-parenting, a child contact agreement can be a valuable tool to help keep everyone on the same page. A child contact agreement, also known as a parenting plan, is a legal document that outlines how child custody and visitation will be arranged between parents. If you are in the process of creating a child contact agreement, it can be helpful to review an example to get an idea of what should be included.

Here is an example of a basic child contact agreement:

1. Introduction: This section should include the names of the parents and the child, and a brief statement explaining the purpose of the document.

2. Custody Arrangements: This section should outline who will have legal and physical custody of the child, and how often the child will spend time with each parent. This can include a regular visitation schedule, holiday and vacation schedules, and arrangements for special events or emergencies.

3. Communication: This section should outline how the parents will communicate with each other and with the child, including phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings. It should also include guidelines for resolving disputes and making changes to the agreement.

4. Child Support: This section should outline the financial responsibilities of each parent, including child support payments and any other expenses related to the child`s care.

5. Transportation: This section should outline how the child will be transported between the parents` homes, including who will be responsible for transportation and how it will be arranged.

6. Education: This section should outline how decisions about the child`s education will be made, including which schools the child will attend and how educational expenses will be divided.

7. Medical Care: This section should outline how medical decisions and expenses will be handled, including which parent will have the authority to make medical decisions and how medical expenses will be divided.

8. Other Provisions: This section can include any other provisions that are important to the parents, such as guidelines for introducing new partners or step-siblings, or rules regarding drug and alcohol use.

When creating a child contact agreement, it`s important to consider the unique needs and circumstances of your family. This example can provide a helpful starting point, but you may need to add or modify sections to fit your specific situation. Working with an experienced family law attorney can also be helpful in creating a child contact agreement that works for everyone involved.

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